SharePoint Appraisal System (SPPAS) is a performance appraisal system built on the SharePoint platform by Microsoft. It incorporates well proven appraisal methodology to help companies and organisations assess their staff. SPPAS can be used for: The overall appraisal process used by SPPAS can be summarized by the diagram below: When a report of poor performance […]

SPPAS Security Information

SPPAS is an appraisal system that values the safety and protection of customer data above all else. SPPAS uses the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) development model and full trust client-side solutions that guarantee the integration of SharePoint data without compromising the safety of SharePoint environments. Customers can rest assured that their data is not collected by […]

How SPPAS Works

Starting from version 1.0.4, there is a change in nomenclature.Assessors -> Assessors are now termed Appraisers.Assessees -> Assessees are now termed Appraisees.Those names are interchangeable. Some of our resources my still have those terms unchanged. Abridged User Guide Download an abridged PDF document to learn how to use SPPAS. Download You can create two types […]

How to Install SPPAS

Installation Guide Download the PDF document to learn how to install SPPAS on your SharePoint online tenant. Download

How Appraisals are scored/rated

At the end of each appraisal period, Appraisers are to rate each performance objective as: Ccore values parameters are defined by HR. Appraisers define key business areas. For any rating other than “Met Expectation”, comments are REQUIRED from the assessor. Core Values Scoring All core values objectives have a Priority Rating of “3”. We recommend […]

Appraisal Workflow Status

SPPAS uses the following status to indicates where in the appraisal process flow a particular appraisal is. You can use the status to monitor the progress of the appraisal process. In Progress – Once an assessor creates an appraisal for a team member, the appraisal is set to In Progress. The assessor can select ratings […]

What are Core Values and Key Business Result?

All performance objectives in SPPAS are either a Core values or Key Business Results objective. They are together called Key Result Areas. Core values are objectives that an organization consider as key to their mission. Every employee must be assessed on these objectives. All Core Values have a priority Rating of “3”. We recommend (and […]