For Appraisers

Team Appraisals Management

The Team Appraisals page lets you manage appraisals for your team. An appraisal is always created from a template, making a template the starting point.

Appraisers Appraisal Template

Appraisers starts an appraisal process by creating their own template from a published appraisal by HR. The advantage with this is, you can then use the same template to appraise all your team members or some of your team members. You are not limited to the number of templates you can create from a published […]

Appraisers Overview

Appraisers are supervisors or managers who are responsible for reviewing/appraising other employees. To access the functionality of an Assessor, HR must add you to the system as an Appraiser. You will become a vital piece to the appraisal process. You will be responsible for initiating the appraisal process as well as scoring the appraisal. The […]

Manage My Team

As an Appraiser, the employees you will assess are will be part of what we call your team members. You are responsible for adding the people you will appraise as a team member. You can further categorise your team members, making is simple to appraise them based on the category they are in. Add a […]