For Appraisees

Appraisee Overview

The Appraisee represents the employee who is being appraised. Every Appraisee has access to their appraisals, PIP process and any goals that are automatically generated when a key objective result area is added by an Appraiser. Home Page The home page has three tabs, My Appraisals, My Goals and Delegated To Me. My Appraisals The […]

My Appraisals

The My Appraisals page lists all your current appraisals. From here, you can view the details of the appraisal as well as print it whenever you need to. Print an Appraisal To print an appraisal Step 1:Select the template that you want to print. Step 2:On the command bar along the top, select Print.  Note: If you don’t see Print on […]

Templates Delegated to Me

Templates allow Appraisers to start an appraisal for a group of team members using the same objectives. Appraisers have the ability to delegate this task to one of their team members to do this. Once a template has been assigned to you, you can add key business result areas to the template. Follow the steps […]

My Goals

For each key business result that an Appraisers adds to an appraisal, a corresponding goal will be created. The aim of the created goal is for an Appraisee to update it to record their progress towards achieving the key business result. You pending goals can be accessed from the home page. From here, you can […]