Installations Step 5: Install the Power BI report

This is the fifth step of the SPPAS installation. This step will help you install the Power BI report.

Before We Begin

Step 1: Install the Power BI app

Go to and search for SPPAS Dashboard or use this direct link.

Then, select Get it now. Confirm that you want to install this app.

The Power BI service displays a success message once the app is installed.

Select Go to app. The app opens, showing sample data.

Step 2: Connect to your own data

Select the Connect your data link on the banner at the top of the page.

This opens the parameters dialog, where you change the data source from the sample data to your own data source (see known limitations), followed by the authentication method dialog. You may have to redefine the values in these dialogs.

Once you’ve finished filling out the connection dialogs, the connection process starts. A banner informs you that the data is being refreshed, and that in the meantime you are viewing sample data.

Your report data will automatically refresh once a day, unless you disabled this during the sign-in process. You can also set up your own refresh schedule to keep the report data up to date if you so desire.

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