Installation Step 4: Create a full-page app in SharePoint

This is the fourth step of the SPPAS installation. This step will guide you create a page for the SPPAS SPFx in the team site you created earlier.

Before We Begin

Step 1: Create A Page

From the home page of your site, click New and then click Page.

Step 2: Add SPPAS to page

Click the Apps tab.

Select the SPPAS app you installed.

You should not be worried if the preview shows there is an error.

Click Create page.

Wait while the application installs

Step 3: Give the page a Name

In the App page details pane on the right, enter a name for your page.
App page details.

Clear the Show in site navigation checkbox

Fill in the other options may be available in the App page details pane.

Step 4: Publish the Page

When you are ready for the page to be visible to your page viewers, click Publish.

Step 5: Make the page Home Page

Go to Site Contents > Site Pages.

  1. Select the page you publish above.
  2. Click on the more (ellipses icon), and select Make homepage

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