Installation Step 3: Install SPASS in the Team Site

This is the third step of the SPPAS installation. This step will help you install the SPPAS SPFx in the team site you created earlier.

Before We Begin

  • You need to be a Site Collection Administrator and Global Office 365 Amin or SharePoint Administrator.
  • Please make sure that you have followed the previous installation step from this article: Installation Step 2: Create a Team Site

Step 1: Install SPPAS in your app catalog

Select More features from the left menu. Then in the Apps section from SharePoint admin, click Open.

Select the SharePoint store

In the ribbon at the top of the page, click the SharePoint Store button. Enter SPPAS or WA200004636 search box

Select the app. Then select Add to app catalog.

Confirm data access by clicking Add.

Approve the API access. This is used to verify user licence.


For successful approval of API Access, you need to

If the above procedure is not followed, you will experience the following error.

After this, then you can approve the API access.

Step 2: Install SPPAS on Team Site

From the Team site you just created, go to Settings Office 365 Settings button and then select Add an app.
We recommend you to install SPPAS on the root site of your site collection.

On the filter on the left, choose From my organisation. Search for SPPAS and select to install on the site.

Step 3: Verify that SPPAS is installed

After you’ve installed an app, you can find it in the Site Contents page. Go to Settings  Office 365 Settings button  , select Site contents, and your app will be listed.

Verify that additional lists have been created.

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