Appraisee Overview

The Appraisee represents the employee who is being appraised. Every Appraisee has access to their appraisals, PIP process and any goals that are automatically generated when a key objective result area is added by an Appraiser.

Home Page

The home page has three tabs, My Appraisals, My Goals and Delegated To Me.

My Appraisals

The My Appraisals tab list your appraisals. From here, you can view the details of each appraisal and you can also print an appraisal when the process is complete.

My Goals

The My Goals tab lists the currently pending goals you need to work on and update. See here for more details on working on your goals.

Delegated To Me

The Delegated to Me tab lists the current template that has been delegated to you by your supervisor. Learn how to update the template.